Week 5 - 100 Days of Prayer

April 24 - 30, 2020

"Always Open”
By Randy Maxwell

A few Sundays back, Suzette and I were tired of being cooped up in the house so we decided to drive down to The Landing—an outdoor shopping plaza in Renton, Washington, where we live, with stores, restaurants, services, and a multi-screen movie theater.

The eyeglass store I intended to visit had a sign on the door saying that, due to COVID-19, they were closed until further notice. But that wasn’t the only one. I drove around to theRoss store—closed. Dick’s Sporting Goods—closed. Marshall’s—closed. World Market—closed. The parking lot was a ghost town. The invisible virus was demonstrating its power to make cars and shoppers disappear.

Just a few days earlier, Governor Jay Inslee had issued a stay-at-home order that essentially closed down the entire state of Washington. So it is under this order that I’m writing this devotional. That’s why I appreciate an encounter Jesus had with a doubting truth-seeker named Nathanael.




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