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Special Needs Ministries

Introduction by Audrey Folkenberg, Special Needs Director, Chinese Union:

Dear Pastors and Elders and Church Workers, as you share this sermon, please keep in mind that 27 of the 35 recorded miracles of Jesus involved him touching the lives of people with special needs. He cared about ALL people – especially the weak and feeble and those in need. I believe that it was Jesus’ tender heart and caring spirit that attracted people - the rich, the poor, the well, the sick, the powerful, the weak, the good, those struggling spiritually, etc.

As we live and commit to following God’s call for each of us, to do the work of sharing Christ in China so that people will know Jesus and have the peace and joy on earth and have the hope of eternal life that only He can give, how can we move forward without focusing on that which Jesus focused – those in need. In the Old and New Testament we are admonished to care for those with special needs – the sick, the blind, the deaf, the orphans. We must focus on ministering like Jesus did in order to accomplish what He has asked us to do, to take the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. We must follow His example.

I believe we will see God do greater and greater things for His Kingdom in China as we focus on spreading God’s Kingdom as Jesus did when He was here on earth.